Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wavepool Abortion - Wavepool Abortion (2011)

Sorry about the lack of posting, I've been working nearly everyday lately and planning my move into the middle of Detroit. I've gotten a chance today to finally write up something I originally listened to when it came out last month, Russia's Wavepool Abortion. I do believe this is the first lo-fi rock/garage punk sent to me from Russia. Also of note is that another excellent music sharing blogger, Dayvan Zombear, had a hand in funding this project. However, I share this not to simply applaud a blogging comrade, but because it is really a solid rock and roll album. Very much along the lines of many garage rock and lo-fi punk bands I've been posting all summer long. Their sound is even more minimal that many others while keeping a warm, fuzzy fullness from distorted recording techniques. The exact sort of album I cherish for letting me enjoy commutes to work, and even take the edge of work itself, where I've played this album several times already. Give it a whirl, the album is name your own price on bandcamp. There might yet be a few tapes available, but Zombear said those are going fast so jump on that. Oh, if nothing else check out the wonderfully fantastic cover of Buddy Holly's "Words of Love."

To be had here:
Wavepool Abortion - Wavepool Abortion

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