Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Random Singles part four

I'll go ahead an apologize for my tardiness in posting submitted albums. I just completed a move into Cass Corridor of Detroit and I've got some kinks to work out. Additionally, my iPhone's audio jack has finally totally fucked off and I have no internet in my new apartment. However, on the plus side this blog gives me a reason to hit up the local breweries every night where wifi can be found. I plan to post another batch of EPs and get some full-length albums up real soon too. Finally, these are all free singles via bandcamp as usual.

Go Cozy - Glimmer

This is a real gem of a single. I found these two songs to be rather lovely dream pop/shoegaze. They have a good amount of upbeat-ness that makes the quite replayable. I look forward to any future release by Go Cozy.

RACES - Big Broom/Living Cruel and Rude 7"

From Los Angles this band has some madly swell harmonic indie rock. The duet parts in the second track are wholly worth downloading this. The digital copy is name your own price, but there's a limited run of vinyl for $5.99 available.

The Clap - The Operation/Lucy 2 7"

Excited psychedelic punk from Atlanta. Quick, fuzzy and full of energy, these guys have a catchy sound. Another of their tracks appeared on a previous post of singles a few months back and good to see they've kept on producing good tunes.

Faustine Seilman & The Healthy Boy - The Long Life's Journey

This might be more of an three song EP, but this has languished in my inbox too long to fret over it. This is an atypical submission for sure. It is piano and guitar folk music driven largely by the stunningly beautiful vocals. The contrast between the female vocalists soft and skilled singing to the very deep and world-weary sounding male are unbelievable.

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  1. Go Cozy is an awesome band. Looking forward to anything else they put out.

    This is why I love this site.