Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coyotes in the Room - Hell Young Man (2011)

This is a new album/EP (sorta middling in length) from Coyotes in the Room. I'd never heard of these guys before they sent me this release, but they certainly were right to do so, for they fit the lo-fi sound I so cherish without seeming like many other artists on here. Their music is lo-fi psychedelic folk/rock, sorta fluxes back and forth between nearly shoegaze to folk that could almost fit with New Weird America. Reminds me of Mount Eerie if those aren't too big of shoes to fill. The songs make me wonder what their live shows must sound like. However, I'll keep my rambling short as I am jotting this down after my shift and I don't wanna get caught in the rain cycling home if at all possible. Check them out on bandcamp, free download so it can't hurt, might even feel nice.

To be had here:
Coyotes in the Room - Hell Young Man

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