Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Albino Father - AGE (2011)

I've been putting off posting as I have been trying to get a new system for listening to all the submitted albums and the considerable amount I already download on my own accord. Moreover, my well-meaning mother gave me a cat to accompany me, but this has only shown me how allergic I now am to felines. So now I'm sick to boot. However, I likely did an injustice to Albino Father by waiting. They are a lo-fi garage rock/bluesy (for a lack of a better term) band. AGE has tracks that range from indie rock numbers (Ghost Dad, Dirty Window) to short garage rock songs (Gorilla Cat Lady, The Voyuer) and at times shift to a country-inspired rock band (The Needle, Little Girls). The stylistic inconsistency shouldn't be counted against them in the slightest, for they've got the knowledge of how to compose a good song regardless of genre.

To be had here:
Albino Father - AGE

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