Thursday, September 15, 2011

EP Grab Bag vol. 6

Time for the EPs. I've been playing these largely at work because of the speaker crisis my life is experiencing, and admittedly the speakers at my job are wretched. I've made the effort to listen to each of them in my headphones outside of work at least once and will say I stand by what I write here.

Abchaum - Collision EP

Seems like I might try to post a batch of 'squeals' because I get so many repeated submissions from artists. That's hardly a complaint though, I'm always happy to get more of a good thing. Abchaum here has released this EP hot on the heels of his LP. If you liked the album then this is an exciting bonus of more wild snyth-pop. Can't wait to play this for my boss, he digs this sorta music.

Kent State - Walk Through Walls

Another band that has been previously featured on this blog, it is a good thing to see the return of Kent State. The neatly named Walk Through Walls is fresh bundle of lo-fi psychedelic rock songs. Features a cover of Guided by Voices to boot. Streamable and downloadable by track or entire EP on their blog.

Federer - Easy Breezin'

Perhaps one of the least expected of all types of music I thought I might get submitted. Federer makes some lo-fi "easy listening" as they've termed it. It sounds like what I'd imagine hearing in a club 30 years ago in a best-of-all-worlds scenario. For real, when I first heard it I got that same feel I have when I rediscover some strange dance songs in my parents' collection of 7" singles. So hit up their site for links to soundcloud streaming as well as a site to buy the cassette copy of some really sensational music.

Certain Death to Salamanders - Certain Death to Salamanders EP [320 kbps]

This is another project involving Travis Franklin, a Texan chap that sent in Wrestling Club and YALL. However, this shit is not the same as those, as it is really really heavy metal. Super fast guitars and loud as all hell. Oh, and the screams, they're there in spades. Not my usual fare, but I listened through and was happy I had.

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