Friday, April 1, 2011

Tokyo Sex Destruction - Le Red Soul Comunnitte (2003)

Time for more music I really dug when I was a teenager. Tokyo Sex Destruction is a garage punk band from Barcelona. They charmed my adolescent mind with references to the MC5, like adopting monikers for each member that bore the last name Sinclair, in honor of the famed poet and manager of MC5. Moreover they were political, singing some Marxist and anarchist shit that wasn't what you'd hear on the radio. Basically, that is all flashy jazz, the real point is that they did know how to make some really loud and wild garage that definitely possessed much in the way of soul. I do like to go back and give them a listen every now and then so I might as well share it here. The slightly lower bitrate is cause I think there is the same rip I made from a CD when was a sophomore in high school.

To be had here:
Tokyo Sex Destruction - Le Red Soul Comunnitte [160 kbps]

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