Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ocelote Rojo - Pacarina (2011)

Found Ocelote Rojo on bandcamp when I was poking around. Pretty album art and some interesting tags got me to give it a listen. Pacarina wasn't disappointment. Most assuredly this EP falls into the glo-fi/chillwave that been attracting my and many others attention lately. Therefore this bears similarities to Monster Rally, Lay Bac, and their ilk. However, it is decidedly more gloomy than Monster Rally, if roughly at the same pace. Guessing the musician, Francisco Aravena, is Chilean from the tags, hard to be sure. However, I think the power of suggestion goes a long way in chillwave. For example, images of sunny beaches on the cover art are gonna have an effect opposed to a Mesoamerican city on this one. Variations on nostalgia ultimately, but give the mind a launching point of reference in this often lyric-less genre. Let me know if you agree.

To be had here:
Ocelote Rojo - Pacarina

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  1. spot on. wonderful little EP. i absolutely agree with your assessment on the powerful suggestive effects of images in this type of music (i hate to call it chillwave b/c this EP is SO MUCH BETTER than Neon Indian). I wrote a little rumination on this in my own blog to that may be of interest to you... esp along the lines of imagery and nostalgia.