Sunday, April 3, 2011

Alexico - Acosador de Media Noche (Episodio No. 2) (2011)

Alexico is a Mexican artist that is sorta hard to describe. It is electronic and capable of poppiness, but it is more noisy and eccentric than I expected. Somewhere between chiptune, IDM and dancey indie pop. Naturally it is appealing and interesting as because of this deft mixture of influences. Kinda reminds me of that cute skweee sound from Scandinavia at it more lighthearted moments, with Spanish singing of course. My shitty monolingual mind can't tell you want the hell they're singing about but I can give you a link to a review by a blog that sure can, check out Club Fonograma for that. Nonetheless, I found this release pretty exciting and that is all it takes to get me to sloppily write it up.

To be had here:
Alexico - Acosador de Media Noche (Episodio No. 2) [192 kbps]

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