Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ty Segall - San Francisco Rock Compilation or Food or Weird Beer From Microsoft (2010) & Ty Rex EP (2011)

As most regular visitors of spacerockmountain will remember, I adore Ty Segall and his loud, lo-fi garage punk. Anyhow, I posted most all of what I had from him on the blog in piecemeal portions. Dangerously close to running out it is a good thing I snatched up a few more releases he's produced. Firstly, there was an cassette released by God? Records that I missed from last year with the oddly title: San Francisco Rock Compilation or Food or Weird Beer From Microsoft. As if to match the absurdity of the name, the tracks involve more spoken word, mostly sound clips from films. Gives it a rather unique feel compared other tapes and discs by Segall. Secondly then, there is the new EP being put out by Goner Records, Ty Rex. It continues the more psychedelic-pop flavored version of the fuzzy garage he displayed on Melted. "Buick Mackane" is suitable fast and exciting for fans of earlier work, but the wonderful job with songs like "Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart" should show wisdom in his stylistic evolution. Naturally, to help allay my guilt a bit I should recommend that you buy the vinyl and cassette versions if you like them. Touching shit is neat, remember how that worked?

Oh, and happy Easter, the best holiday cause contemplating zombie Jesus aloud is more acceptable.

To be had here:

San Francisco Rock Compilation or Food or Weird Beer From Microsoft [256 VBR kbps]

Ty Rex [256 kbps]


  1. ty rex is all t. rex covers

  2. I read as much, but I haven't much experience with T. Rex so I spoke to what I was familiar with, his previous work. You make a point though that I should have included that tidbit. Drunkenness is a bitch.

  3. Yo, check out royal jelly for rare ty segall records.... I've got some rare stuff from his Traditional Fools days (way better than he solo stuff)

  4. The album is back up again. Additionally, I do have his Traditional Fools albums already posted, but I might've forgotten to put up the EP that band released. I'll work on posting that up in the next grab bag of random singles and EPs.

  5. will you re upload? i seriously cannot find the food tape anywhere. putting ty rex back up would be ok too.

  6. Also requesting a re-upload if at all possible! Thank you.