Monday, April 11, 2011

COOLRUNNINGS - Dracula Is Only The Beginning (2011)

Fanatically jazzed about this. Didn't have a clue when COOLRUNNINGS would come out with a full length album, but I ran across this baby this morning. Even bumped a few things I had lined up I was so eager to just get this up. Like the EPs Babes Forever and Buffalo this displays the bands rhythmic songs that straddle post-punk and math rock while being charmingly pop-like. Dracula Is Only The Beginning is more subdued than the EPs, which is the sort of subtle evolution that I'm glad to see bands make. The reason I feel able to post this with such a short turnaround is that I found it immediately enjoyable, so that may enhance or diminish over the likely numerous times I listen to it. Yet if their previous work is any indication all those that get this are in for a treat. Lastly, I feel I should mention it is for sale on bandcamp for a measly $5, tagged cutely as "post-rad."

To be had here:
COOLRUNNINGS - Dracula Is Only The Beginning [320 kbps]


  1. aaahhhh this doesn't work. d/l is jacked up, please fix

  2. I have tried recompressing it and I hope it works now.