Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Henryspenncer - To The Timeless Valley (2011) & Split EP w/ Among The Bones (2011)

As mentioned in yesterday's offering, there's been post-rock cluttering up my inbox as of late. Henryspenncer is one that I got the other day from a new French label called Bookmaker Records, where these albums can be found for purchase in a physical form. Fully instrumental and intensely powerful, To The Timeless Valley shares qualities with other submitted music like Sigmoid Argonaut and Mother Night. However, the e-mail they sent me stole the best descriptors right out from under me; "The confrontation of windy psych western sounds with heavy industrial and cosmic vibes, that invites you to an endless travel in imaginary deserts." That's one finely written way to put it. The Split EP that accompanied features a single track by each Henryspenncer and Among The Bones. Both are rather lengthy yet fine examples of good instrumental rock. For ease these are the links the label provided me, but if they go down and you still want them just leave a comment and I'll know what to do.

To be had here:

To The Timeless Valley [320 kbps]

Split EP w/ Among The Bones [320 kbps]

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