Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vulturm - Vineta (2009) & Vivi Di Luce Riflessa b/w Voraussage (2011)

Another submission today, but this one sent me more to listen to so I thought I'd have a bit more to write. These are from an Italian label and one of the artists sent me them for you all to check out. Two drummers and a baritone guitar used to make some spooky, distorted and loud rock. Quite well structured, the songs build nicely and do get rather heavy at points. Plus there are some decently long tracks, which is always something I advocate for with sort of sound. Give the music room to grow and change in there, you know? Anyhow, Vulturm made some worthwhile here so see what you think.

To be had here:

Vineta [320 kbps]

Vivi Di Luce Riflessa b/w Voraussage [320 kbps]

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