Sunday, February 13, 2011

June of 44

Another chapter in my recalling of music I liked when in high school. June of 44 was making great music before I was old enough to realize it. Still stuck in the suburbs far removed from any good music I found out about June of 44 in high school after they'd already broken up in 2000. In the midst of getting into noisy math rock bands like Ahleuchatistas, Giraffes? Giraffes! and Volta Do Mar, it became obvious that looking up preceding bands would be a brilliant plan. Accordingly I got June of 44 along with others like Slint, Ilium and Les Savy Fav. Created by Jeff Mueller after Rodan broke up in 1994, June of 44 included Sean Meadows of Lungfish and seasoned musicians Fred Erskine and Doug Scharin. I imagine many readers of this blog will be familiar, but I guess I'm just looking to say I still think they're pretty neat. Good math rock/post-rock that would've made the 90s better if I had the wherewithal to know about them at the time.

To be had here:

Engine Takes to the Water [192 kbps] (1995)

Tropics And Meridians [160 kbps] (1996)

Four Great Points [320 kbps] (1998)

Anahata [192 kbps] (1999)

In The Fishtank [256 VBR kbps] (1999)

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