Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gino Washington - Out Of This World (2000 [compilation])

Gino Washington, not to be confused with similarly named Geno Washington, was a Detroit soul musician that was a product of the soul fascination that swept many sectors of America in the early 60s, with Detroit being one focus. More of a regional star as he didn't get a huge amount of national recognition, so don't find it strange that you haven't heard of him. Apparently, while still in Pershing High School, funnily enough where my own grandfather is an alumnus, he was getting on the local charts with his heartfelt numbers. I read that he has some variety television show on a local channel at some point, but I have yet to meet anyone that has ever heard of it. That is beside the point, which is that he really made some really awesome soul songs such as his most famed tracks "Gino Is a Coward" and "Out of This World." He's backed by a group called Jeff and the Atlantics on the majority of the songs on this compilation and they do a fine job of it. Wish I could seen Detroit when he was in his heyday, must've been sweet.

To be had here:
Gino Washington - Out of this World [224 kbps]

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  1. This is a great record. My dad and uncle also went to Pershing!