Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Black Tambourines - E.P. (2010) & Hombre EP (2011)

I was poking around on bandcamp when I found the Black Tambourines. There was they simply titled E.P. for the taking and I decided to give it a go. Quite pleased with what I was hearing, and continuing to re-hear it a few more times for good measure; I thought to look up what else I could about this group. To place it in the crudest of terms, they're a lo-fi garage rock band from the UK that has influences of surf and shoegaze. No evidence of any full-length or even being signed yet, but there was a second EP available on their myspace page that I zipped up for convenience. There is a split 7" I haven't gotten yet myself can you can hear parts of on their blog, or buy for 4 quid. Not very extravagant but rather charming are both of these EPs. Just the sort of thing I post often.

To be had here:

E.P. (2010)

Hombre EP (2011) [256 kbps]


  1. They picked kind of an unfortunate name though, already a band called Black Tambourine