Thursday, June 17, 2010

Women - Public Strain (2010)

This release will doubtlessly make the rounds on many blogs, and this is for a good reason as first album by Women is such a spectacular effort that it is automatically garnering attention for any follow-ups. Moreover, leaks are exciting as I don't think this is supposed to be officially released until August. To refresh any foggy memories or inform the unknowing, Women are a Canadian post-punk group that started in Calgary that despite the name is fully comprised of men. Their first self-titled was epically good and was part of a small surge of post-punk/noise pop bands that were gathering a following like Wavves, No Age and Vivian Girls. I'm so jazzed about this album I am writing this post whilst giving it the first listen, so I haven't the experience yet to attest to any replay value. However, this first go-around has me recalling my fondness for the band as well as noting that these tracks seem a bit more subdued and elongated. At times they've made a drone-like sound-scape. Certainly a change of pace but a well-conceived one.

To be had here:
Women - Public Strain [320 kbps]


  1. The file is down bitch

  2. I love this stuff. Great follow up. Perfect for the tail-end of hard party nights where things stop being fun and everything gets real dark. Thanks!

  3. hi, do you think you can reupload the album? Thank You