Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yamamoto Seiichi - Nu Frequency (2003)

A change of pace of with this album. Yamamoto Seiichi is a Japanese musician that is a fixture of the independent scene in Osaka and he gained some notability when he worked with the illustrious noise rock group Boredoms. This is merely one of his several solo releases that he's been actively producing for over a decade. It is closer to this blog's namesake in that it could actually be classified as space rock. Naturally, as much space rock can be described it is like a crossing of ambient and noise without really being either genre, instead demonstrating something unique. Nu Frequency sounds like a collection of samples until you give it a long enough listen, so be warned. It has been really going well with my homemade wine I've been drinking due to lack of funds these days. Because it is instrumental it is a really good album to play when reading or writing, which I have trouble listening to lyrical driven songs during. Calmer than most of the things I have been posting lately yet not devoid of liveliness.

To be had here:
Yamamoto Seiichi - Nu Frequency [192 kbps]


  1. Man! the link doesn't work!! :(

    any other site where I can download that album!? please.

  2. Reuploaded, sorry it took so long.

  3. Would DIE to hear this if it can be re-uploaded again :)