Saturday, June 12, 2010

Le Car - Auto-Biography (2000)

One of the most positive aspects of Detroit is the music that the city produces. Le Car is one of many electronic acts that the Motor City has spawned in the last few decades. I remember finding this CD in my brother's stuff years ago when we lived near Highland Park. Now, my terminology when it comes to electronic music isn't quite up to snuff, so please forgive my generalities. Auto-Biography is collection of mostly lo-fi, danceable tracks that have a rather cheerful tone to them. It places a not quite explainable smile on my face. Something of note about this duo made up of Ian Clark and Adam Miller is they are not limited to Le Car. In fact Miller is more renowned for his current band, ADULT., and Clark's main project is called Perspects. I could have sworn that I uploaded similar Detroit artists like Japanese Telecom and Ectomorph, but I could just as likely be fooling my myself and mixing up recommendations I gave out at parties. Anyhow, if this give some positive response I'll probably post some other stuff like this.

To be had here:
Le Car - Auto-Biography [192 kbps]