Saturday, June 19, 2010

Diamond Watch Wrists - Ice Capped At Both Ends (2009)

I swear that Zach Hill must be one of the most prolific drummers around. Admittedly, I am behind on posting this, as it came out last year, but the son of gun comes out with so much stuff that I haven't tired of the last album he worked on before he's got something new out. Diamond Watch Wrists is the name that Hill and Guillermo Scott Herren of Prefuse 73 are calling their collaboration. They've each been around for a bit and are responsible for some successful albums in their careers in their main projects and main side ventures. This album is a change of pace in a way, as it is more psychedelic and elongated than the punchy and wild drumming Hill has displayed in some of his work. An excellent and evoking release that should be gotten by a fan of either of the artists. And I do recognize that the album art is shitty.

To be had here:
Diamond Watch Wrists - Ice Capped At Both Ends [192 kbps VBR]

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