Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mexican Institute of Sound - Piñata (2007)

Watching at least two out of the three World Cup games a day has put me in an international mindset. Accordingly, I matched my recently passion for mildly aged electronic music with a foreign country I saw playing match, resulting in the Mexican Institute of Sound. However, outside of my strange selection process for this album's posting, it is a genuinely good listen. Piñata is actually the second album released under this moniker, which is really Mexico City native Camilo Lara. The sound of the album is best described as electronic beats combined with the instrumentals and vocals of more traditional Mexican folk music. I know this doesn't seem very unique but his fella is really good at it, which in my opinion makes up for any lack of originality in the overall concept. Maybe it is tailored better for those who like poppier tunes than someone seeking club-like or technically powerful electronica. I like it and that is enough to get it on this noise-spout.

To be had here:
Mexican Institute of Sound - Piñata [320 kbps]

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