Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Japanese Telecom - Virtual Geisha (2001)

There was some fair amounts of downloads of Auto-Biography by Le Car that I posted up earlier in the month. This got me to thinking that some people might enjoy here some more of the less renown, but still very admirable, electro acts of Detroit. Japanese Telecom is just such an artist. These electronic musicians from Detroit love to use monikers that shroud them in a degree of facelessness, such as Dopplereffekt, AUX 88, and Ectomorph. Unless I am mistaken Japanese Telecom one of the two men that were the electronic act called Drexciya, who made a significant impact on the Detroit techno scene and beyond. As with most anything related to techno music, this stuff has the dance-floor in mind, however that is not required for enjoyment. Personally, being a fan of some more IDM and 8-Bit artists, Virtual Geisha is not that far off the mark from what is appealing with those genres. Almost feels like the older brother of the cloying chiptune of Japan and Sweden I believe I shared in the past. Oddly enough, despite being established in the Detroit techno circles, this moniker was only used to release two albums, with this one being the only CD issuing (the other was exclusively vinyl). Perhaps this album's weakest points is being a bit esoteric and slightly dated, yet you're not hearing on the radio for any lack of talent.

To be had here:
Japanese Telecom - Virtual Geisha [192 kbps]

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