Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lou Donaldson - Blues Walk (1958)

Time for a spacerockmountain first: un-remixed, pure jazz. I'm not a regular jazz listener, but for the most I have not opposition to the genre. In fact it is far superior to the shit they play in most stores and restaurants around here. I think what gives jazz a bad rep is smooth jazz (which should not be considered jazz at all) and free jazz (which only those who really like their music far out there can enjoy). These opinions are, of course, elementary as I'm not a connoisseur. Nevertheless, I am confident that people will like what I'm offering up today. Lou Donaldson is somebody of note in the world of jazz, working with many of the greats and has been releasing albums steadily since the 1950s. Clocking in at a bit over a half hour long, Blues Walk is considered a masterpiece album for Donaldson. It was originally released on the famous Blue Note record label, home to so many magnificent jazz and blues artists. I do believe this is another album I have to thank the Port Huron public library for, and luck in myself for being foreseeing enough to grab it while I was in high school. It is totally the kind of classy music you'd hope was playing on a first date or a reunion of friends. Donaldson certainly knows how to use that saxophone as only the world's best might manage.

To be had here:
Lou Donaldson - Blues Walk [192 kbps]

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