Monday, June 14, 2010

Mountain Men Anonymous - Krkonose (2004)

The other night I was at a party and I tried to explain post-rock to a gentleman that was confused by the term. Couldn't believe the difficulty I had in trying to enlighten him about the genre in my intensely drunken state. In the end I had to rely on just finding bands he know of that might be considered post-rock, for I haven't the ability to summon the music jargon to better describe it. Nevertheless, it left me with the taste for posting a nice post-rock album. Mountain Men Anonymous not only have a very neat name but are among the legions have post-rock groups that form worldwide that never gain large popularity while maintaining a reasonable presence on the internet. Of course, some bands lack that talent to really take off, however I don't think Mountain Men Anonymous belong in that category. Unfortunately, this Welsh group has in all likelihood called it quits already, so this could be the best effort they ever make. Suitably epic for a the album title, this group didn't disappoint.

To be had here:
Mountain Men Anonymous - Krkonose [192 kbps]

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