Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Whiskey Predicament - Escape From the Meat Market (2014)

Charlotte's The Whiskey Predicament is an excellent name for a band. Resonates acutely with my personal relationship with the brown liquid, namely that I like to drink it but it never turns out to be a good choice. It's lovely yet troublesome, like most women I find myself attracted to and the sentiments of a good folk song. And while I'd still call Escape From the Meat Market a folk album, it isn't the stripped down sort. In fact, it's more along the lines of full sounding garage-folk artists like the Strange Boys, Dead Ghosts, or even Bloodshot Bill. While acoustic guitar makes the centerpiece of the songs, there's so much going on from organs, horns, harmonica and hard to identify yet rather cool squealing. 

I received this album in the inbox a bit ago and I have been steadily listening to it ever since. However, as shit goes I haven't gotten a good chance to sit down and spout off about it. Business as usual there, but I do get little tingle of guilt whenever I would hear it and know I should get to saying something about it. Though I was enjoying it too much to stop listening. Found the entirity of the album quite appealing, with the tracks "The Architect Song," "Better Than Before" and "Don't Look Back" begin among the highlights for me.

To be had here:
The Whiskey Predicament - Escape From the Meat Market


  1. dude, Disco Christmas is the best track, Better Then Before is so fucking earnest it makes me swear...The Archetect Song made me cry...for my ears...its so wee maaannnn
    As bad as this is and it is pretty bad, every song makes me giggle/cringe, I can see the allure, the free playing and way out singing without regard or embarrassment.
    and when a magic and strange chorus sings out and it's not too bad. But earnest folk singing is a stick in the eye for me same with the twenties megaphone vocal styling.

  2. This record is very raw, but there is something magical about it, it is exuberant and sensitive. Favorite track is Escape From the Meat Market, the title track, it is swingy and cool.