Monday, April 6, 2015

Cold Clouds - Cold Clouds (2015)

With my cold or flu forced hiatus finally brought to a close and my body and head ready for some weird shit to again flood it, I am completely jazzed to get to share Cold Clouds.

This self-titled release is the first I've heard of Cold Clouds, and I haven't got much more information of the musician behind the project. However, some of you might recall the Brooklyn, Outward Records, who put out the likewise eerily entrancing tape by Mislead Navigator. After how strangely evocative that tape was I was prepared to try any drone sent our way from the label. Cold Clouds totally delivered. This tape is a long shimmering, buzzing and what-have-you exemplar of finely done experimental drone. And when I say long I mean not just several of the individual tracks being lengthy, but a sort of unhurried feeling that permeates throughout the album. It never seems to speed up or become agitated in the slightest, yet there is never a lack of activity and sound. I cannot think of a better word than entrancing, for I must've heard both 9+ minutes of "Mirrors" half a dozen times already and keep desiring to heard them more.

To be had here:
Cold Clouds - Cold Clouds

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