Saturday, January 19, 2013

You Don't Have to be Fashionable Vol.1 (2013)

2013 has started strong on the music front, and I have had a constant stream of new tunes since the start of the year to keep my ears happy. Even for a music fan, it can be difficult to dig through countless bandcamp, soundcloud, and label websites to discover new acts putting things out, and a strong compilation is always a good way to check out a slew of artists I had no prior knowledge of.

With a Messy Head, a label working out of Paris, has an excellent new sampler out of divergent pop acts from around the world. Lots of pretty melodies and sing-along choruses to be found here, as well as enough variety to keep me interested as I move through the entire 13 tracks on the comp. My favorite track in this set is by an Italian band named How People Change, as they mix eerie lo-fi elements well with the more mainstream indie pop stylings.

Get it for free here:
You Don't Have to be Fashionable Vol.1 (2013)

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