Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Formica Man - Formica Man (2011)

Here's a Portland band who fit the phrase "flash in the pan" better than any other I can think of. Formica Man was formed by members of other bands including Karen and The Parenthetical Girls. They played dissonant, loud music and their live sets took about 15 minutes, if that. If you were lucky enough to attend one of their shows, you might have had the pleasure of hearing one of singer Aubrey Hornor's jokes in between songs (one that sticks out in my memory Q: Why did Al Capone flirt with the idea of becoming an optometrist? A: He wanted to help people, see?) 

Before their tragic demise, they spent a few hours recording the music below. For awhile, it looked like these tracks, which were recorded by Nick Bindeman (Eternal Tapestry), were never going to get the praise they deserved. But soon enough they won the attention of Greg Saunier (Deerhoof), who mixed the end product found here. Perhaps some of you were lucky enough to see them open for Deerhoof during the southern leg of their fall 2012 tour. For the rest of us who missed it, the songs are available either as a free download or for a measly $5 you can pick up a copy of their super limited 7" and a free t-shirt.

Or go to their Book of Faces page and give them a thumbs up.

For fans of Erase Erata, Boredoms, or The Dog Faced Hermans.

Formica Man - Formica Man

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