Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Cutaways - Do the Disconnect (2012)

This wasn’t submitted, but rather picked up on cassette from M-Theory in San Diego. The cover looked a lot like Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality, and since I love that record so, I picked it up. They happen to be a band from El Cajon and sound very little like metal. I am getting more of a psychedelic cowboy vibe from the group. You can hear a real love for Neil Young in these recordings, as well as a late 60’s jam-out set of sensations. This stuff would make for great barn burning live sets, if there were any barns in El Cajon.

Sadly, I could not locate a Bandcamp page for the group, but they do have a few tracks streaming at soundcloud, and their record label is selling digital copies at their website.

Buy it here:
The Cutaways - Do the Disconnect (2012)

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  1. Here's the bandcamp page where you can buy Do The Disconnect...