Saturday, January 12, 2013

French Club - Shit Talk (2012)

This is a band formed in college in Ohio but now playing out east from what I've been told. They're another one of these groups with educated membership that likes to do what they can to not adhere to any simple genre label. Been getting bunch of this stuff lately. Anyhow, I was given a  list influences that they cite, but why let them do my unpaid job for me? Instead of giving a genre I'll say they;ve got the same sort of young energy and talent I've been excited to hear in Albino Father, Lasso and Space Wolves. They really do a great job at making the songs into short, self-contained ditties. Listening to them in most any order hasn't impacted how I feel about any of them individually, and that's not something I do when I plop down to listen to a post-rock or shoegaze album. Little bursts of fantastic, really. Finally, just to be clear, they've tagged themselves ska, but if that was really the case I'd not even bother (you may note that's something I've never posted here nor shall). No more ska than Beulah is, which is to say they make ample and adept use of horns. And holy moly do I love a good use of the brass instruments.

To be had here:
French Club - Shit Talk

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