Thursday, January 24, 2013

EP Grab Bag vol. 28

So I culled the emails filling my inbox and it seems few of them merited attention. This is great as it was getting near three hundred and I feared they were mostly legit submissions. So I guess I lay out what I am looking for here so if you actually read the blog you might get a chance to have your music written up. If it seems like I'm on a mailing list I normally just deleted it, for basically they're asking me to write a blog for them for free. Pay me and I may think about it but as it is I'm broke (never gotten a cent for this blog for sure) and in Detroit, so I ignore shit I don't fancy for my own arbitrary reasons. Also I don't post videos. I know you work hard producing that visual jazz, but I fucking don't wanna watch them. Just give me some music, albums and EPs easily downloadable and that are free or cheap preferably. Individual songs aren't gonna get posted by me unfortunately, my co-writers do as they wish, and more power to them, but I need something longer to write about. Now that I'd bitched about shit, here is what I found in that that's fine examples of what I'm hoping for:

To be had here:

Warmly - EP (2013)

Presumably these cats are hailing from Montreal and released by Flagless Records. The band is aptly named for it is a cozy sort of electronic indie pop they're producing. The songs are all adorably well-done but personally the second track, "(Stay)," is the most endearing of all.

How Scandinavian - Philistine Empathy EP (2013)

Following up the Pity Won EP and the full-length Dolorous, How Scandinavian is back with a fresh batch of songs. Still all the wonderful slowcore sung with a deep, resonating tone that makes all his music compelling.

Otomo - Big Little Things (2012)

Got sent this a while ago but lost it in the mess that my email inbox was. Otomo is a Spanish instrumental electronic/post-rock/experimental act that's incredibly catchy for that sort of thing. It is fast and happening in a fashion that will make you wanna move unexpectedly. In fact I listened to it as I wrote that rant above, and it was fucking awesome to hear as I got my dander up.

Charun - De Ortu Solis (2012)

Well sometimes I may not be the hugest fan of post-metal in the world, at times it can be an epic experience totally worth delving into what'll sure contain tracks in excess of seven minutes with slow building arcs and dauntingly intense crescendos. This guys pretty much nailed that idea, even with his metal howling.

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