Friday, January 25, 2013

Ugly Motors - Ugly Motors (2013)

A Minneapolis garage rock band that makes some solid lo-fi rock. They share a member with Tiny Swimmers if you recall that band from GB 21. Like Tiny Swimmers they are heavy with distortion and speedily played instruments. Ugly Motors possess stripped down sound, which is perpetually enjoyable in garage rock albums. There's a flashy style of guitar playing too, and if I can take a hint from the album art a sort of T. Rex glam element among other displays of skill that's all contained within the truncated spasms of brief lo-fi ditties. Plus they've got a song called "Fart Party" at which I audibly laughed upon reading. No worries about gross lyrics in such a track; I couldn't understand a damn lyric and that's a mighty fine thing.

To be had here:
Ugly Motors - Ugly Motors

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