Monday, January 21, 2013

My People Pray By Starlight/ Yusuke Tsutsumi - Split Cassette (2012)

This is another fine release from out darling label, Old Monster Records. It is a split cassette (at least if bought in a physical format) that features two remarkable bands. Firstly, while they are different stylistically, it is incredible how complimentary the combination one tape works out. Just to be clear, it isn't a collaboration so I'll break it down what I liked form each. My People Pray By Starlight are a post-rock act from California of a mostly middling tempo that allows for both mellowing out and intensifying to create emotionally and compositionally complex instrumental tracks. Guitars are central and voice recording are employed for surrealist mood. Throughly enjoyed it as a I down a whole pot of coffee and it left me hazily delighted. The Japan-based Yusuke Tsutsumi are also post-rock but of a far more ethereal, with voices of a disembodied quality hitting notes in the background of a piano beautifully played. You know, the stuff where ocean sounds aren't out of place. It is done excellently and is a perfectly more surreal way to follow up My People Pray By Starlight. Now all that is left is for me to read some Wolfgang Borchert and slowly lose my mind.

To be had here:
My People Pray By Starlight/ Yusuke Tsutsumi - Split Cassette

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