Wednesday, January 23, 2013

YALL - The Sword of Western Influence (2012)

The newest release from the Texas-based punk/math rock group YALL. As used expect it does have so sweet angular guitar playing and wicked drumming, but it is far more chaotic and loud than their earlier work. It's like they've got a fever for speedy rock, and it is a mighty fine thing. The album almost flashes right by, but that is partly because it is only 21 minutes (not that I think that's a bad thing, there's always repeat listens to enjoy). My impression is that they're getting more creatively liberal and therefore willing to wander into this more unstructured style that is more like something like Liars or even Chavez. If you liked the earlier albums it is a no brainer to grab this one, but if you're unfamiliar with them it will make a fine starting point as well.

To be had here:
YALL -  The Sword of Western Influence

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