Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Daze - Ghost Tales (2012)

Although it mightn't be the most common thing in North America, I hardly ever bathe using my shower. I prefer the bath tub, which I understand is a bigger time commitment and some folks weird out about unnecessarily for "hygienic" reasons. While accepting it isn't for all I thoroughly enjoy the experience each after riding back from the sweltering bookstore where marching steps and lifting stacks of hardbacks are routine. Thereby I can simultaneously do several of my favorite activities: drink a beer, cleanse myself, and listen to music. 

It is like a pause after which I can reset my day according to my own needs and wants after serving another for a paycheck the previous eight hours. But I'll say not everything is suitable tub-time listening. It's gotta have a certain degree of mellowness, can't be flopping around with excitement in a water-filled basin after all. Ambient and folk, that aren't in short supply in the submission inbox at any time, are rather good material for the this period of the evening. And it was during just such a time I took in Happy Daze's Ghost Tales.

Longtime readers may recall that I've posted the music of Happy Daze before in an EP Grab Bag quite a few months back, which was a collection of early recordings. Here we're privy to more polished release, a full-length album fitted with 13 tracks of lovely guitar-styled folk songs. Wouldn't surprise me if the songs where written with the moniker in mind, for they surely have got a cheerful and dreamy mood. If stripped down to elements its basically an acoustic guitar, sweetly sung lyrics and some craftily done computer added effects, but this is no knock against what I've found to be some delightful composed material. A fine think to hear the evolution this musician and I hope he continues in this route.

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  1. Happy Daze is more than happy to have been good bath time music for you! :)

  2. yay happy daze!