Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Broncho - Can't Get Past The Lips (2011)

The first time I was asked to dj, it was at a bar where I was told to play dance music… heavy on the 90's r'n'b. After schooling myself on the finer points of Genuwine and Blackstreet, I felt somewhat prepared. This confidence evaporated quickly as, halfway through my set, I hit the wrong button on my computer and followed Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean" with Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean".

"What the HELL are you DOING?" one kind patron inquired. 

"I don't KNOW," I explained.

A year or so later, I had the opportunity to spin records at a rock bar, to much greater success it is much harder to play the same song twice with vinyl. Here's a record that I played that night, and will probably play every foreseeable dj night. 

Broncho is an Oklahoma outfit who chew, swallow, and regurgitate the best of what garage, early punk, and power pop have to offer. I was first made aware of the band after a friend showed me this video, which is probably my favorite video of recent memory. Frontman Ryan Lindsey is also the keyboardist for Starlight Mints who, if you haven't heard them, are a great indie-pop band, also from Oklahoma. Like them, Broncho has a keen ability for delivering sharp melodic hooks, but the overall feel here is much rougher. It's a bit Undertones, a bit Buzzcocks, and a bit Nerves… all super accessible while managing to pack a wallop.

Can't Get Past The Lips is an instant classic.

A HUGE thanks to the band, especially bassist Johnathon Ford (Unwed Sailor, Pedro The Lion) for giving the "ok" to go ahead and share the record for free. 

If you find yourself loving this record as much as I do and want a copy of the vinyl, the 2nd pressing just came out and can be bought here.


  1. I finally found a good music blog that is still operational. Thank god. You guys rule.

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  3. Hey, can you re-upload the files? I really want to listen to this album