Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fun Guns - Dead In The Living Room (2012)

A fresh offering from the Fun Guns, a band from Los Angles you may remember releasing a couple of EPs earlier this year. So for the third time this year we're getting a fine EP filled with garage rock. While I was charmed by the stripped down lo-fi of This Frontier, there was an incredible use of gospel-blues-surf influences in Sleep When You're Dead that recurs here. There's a definite homage to the Black Lips in what they're doing, and I might add the Black Lips' work with King Khan and Mark Sultan in Almighty Defenders are recognizably similar. Soulful and loud with that warmness of a live performance, because it was basically a live recording (didn't mean to make the title's joke too obvious). Also, the submission made a point that help of some musicians with other noteworthy work was recruited. Some check out Straight Dimes and Black Boots if you're so inclined. Finally, they've got some neat short literature for you to read as you listen to the tracks on the bandcamp page, which is pretty neat.

To be had here:
Fun Guns - Dead In The Living Room

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