Sunday, July 22, 2012

EP Grab Bag vol. 21

So here's a damned admirable selection of EPs I've received lately. Two returning acts and two new bands. Forgive any writing mistakes, I know I do them all the time but I've got an excuse of drinking a whole pot of coffee and reading Ernesto Sábato's existentialist novel The Tunnel. It's kinda fucking around with my head, its got a strange structure to it. Perhaps I need to just cut to the chase and start taking psychotropics, but in the meantime check out all this shit. Also, there's some damn fine album art this time too.

To be had here:

Secret Geometry - EP (2012)

A recently released EP from a Grand Rapids-based band. Four psychedelic garage rock tracks which toward the end seem to unravel  into improvised noise. I think they're quite capable of putting together a good album and I look forward to hearing if they do so, especially if it takes after the first track found on this EP, "Wage Slave."

Happy Daze - Centralized Revolutions EP (2012)

After I posted up Happy Daze's Ghost Tales a week ago I was also informed there's a new EP, and since it is in every bit as delightful as the full-length I've decided to include it in this Grab Bag for all those unaware of its release. The looping effect on the acoustic guitar reminds me of Entrance's Honey Moan EP, which is still one of my favorite things to listen to.

How Scandinavian - Pity Won EP (2012)

Another returning band, as I posted the full-length titled Dolorous some months back. If the note on the bandcamp page is read it'll explain that this is a meant as a bridge between that album and a planned new release. This did a good deal in clearing up the noticeable transition that happens through the EP from noisy post-punk toward a rhythmic slowcore. Left me curiously interested for the next project for sure.

Tiny Swimmers - Spurtin' Spirit (2012)

Out of Minneapolis here's some "semi-electronic psychedelic garage punk" as they've helpfully self-described it. As the series of adjectives imply, they've got a range of styles and influences appearing seemingly haphazardly throughout the eight songs of the EP. Nevertheless the less out of dissonance comes an order, and the whole affair gives me images of a grimy, loud future. Like that food stall in Blade Runner.

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