Monday, July 16, 2012

Broken Cups - Slaves Of The Grave (2012)

Just like I suppose the readership of this blog enjoys, I too find it a neat thing to get solid recommendations for what to listen to. So from the same lady that sent in Nohopekids and plays herself in Piresian Beach, we're all in good fortune that she's spreading the word about Broken Cups. Like the other two mentioned bands, Broken Cups are from Budapest and play some remarkable lo-fi rock. What's different is that they've got that snyth-heavy post-punk vibe in full swing. A force to be reckoned with as they play it, namely dark and almost creepy while being loud and catchy all the same. Can't claim to have a bunch of reference points for this sort of post-punk (though I wish I had more) but it reminds me of Teenage Panzerkorps most of all because of the singing my feeble monolingual mind can't understand. Central European languages can sound awful wild to my ears but that's really only a bonus. Like contemporary acts, for example Little Girls or Girls Names, they've got that rapid beat backing them up that recalls Josef K and Orange Juice of Scotland's heyday of post-punk yet also has they all-pervasive snyth that makes me think of Suicide. Basically, I wanna say these guys did it right and I gotta say thanks Zsófia, this certainly made my day.

To be had here:
Broken Cups - Slaves Of The Grave

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