Monday, July 2, 2012

The Basement Scene - Everything is Going to be Okay (2012)

From straight across the planet to me, Melbourne-based indie rockers the Basement Scene have sent us their album. Overall it a rather jangley, upbeat set of songs, but at the beginning we're treated to some jazzy sort of instrumentals that're like a funky post-rock. How about those adjectives, eh? Too many descriptors though will just confuse me more than the savvy reader if anything, so let me put it this way: the album makes me happy, not in the far-out psychedelic sense, but in the old-fashioned rock and roll making your feet move about way. It isn't by mistake that'll be reminiscent of the rock those my age could recall from high school, because that's their admitted influence. So perhaps my liking it is fueled by nostalgia, but I can't shake the feel these guys are onto something fresh nonetheless.

To be had here:
The Basement Scene - Everything is Going to be Okay

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