Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Señors of Marseille - Tubular (2010)

As must be the case to some degree with most everyone, the music I get to enjoy and in the position to absorb the best various with environment and routine. Having been at alternative times stuck in natural ruts as far as listening is concerned, perhaps from having to drive a car with a loud motor, terrible speak systems at workplaces, or only being able to use headphones due to roommates (or lack of a proper room altogether). In most cases this shoved me right into the reverberating embrace of lo-fidelity rock that will wash away the defecting noises of life with a loud, bass-filled dissonance of its own.

However, again a revolution in circumstances has taken place. Now I've broken all my earbuds and a job where there isn't a speaker system of any kind. Not complaining, it isn't the worst things that may happen. Yet what's neat is that know that I've need to compartmentalize my music listen to lunch breaks with over-ear headphones and relaxing after work I find myself processing the music differently. The change mostly consist of me sitting on my ass while I really take the music in, instead of the method wherein I'd listen to it during any manner of tasks repeatedly, allowing it to be absorbed a series of deeper comprehension. Rather it's now like watching a film in a theater, where I devote a much more generous portion of my attention to the singular occupation of enjoying music. 

All this is to say that some of the music we're getting sent really steps up to this more immersive listening, among which the Señors of Marseille should be included. They can still be considered lo-fi, but a good set of speakers and a keen ear are rewarding to catch all the various catchy hooks and beats employed in their infectious rock. I'll defy you not to love the shimmering intro to "Never Stops" or adore the rhythmic piano, strings, handclaps and vocals of "Heart'n'Soul." Certainly didn't shy away from instruments in this album. A whole range influences shine through from jazz to new wave to pop but never take over.... This is an edited post to removed the less than legit link deferring to a bandcamp page for $7, at least at my last look-see. Also, this shit hold up like a few other things.

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