Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Future Primitives - This Here's The Future Primitives EP (2012)

A new South African garage rock release from The Future Primitives, which features membership overlaps with defunct garage rock band The Revelators. Most obviously Heino Retief that sent both of them to me. Recorded to cassette in a Cape Town garage, this is some real lo-fi rock and roll. Loud, fast-paced, surf-tinged guitar and pounding drums drive the EP. Eight tracks, two of them covers, that feel all too brief. The cleverly monikered Johnny Tex appears to be a deft songwriter and guitarist. Very much sounds like something I might hear at a tiny bar show in Hamtramck or Detroit, which is exactly what makes it so appealing to me. Stands up to all the other garage rock I've posted lately without a doubt.

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