Monday, March 19, 2012

EP Grab Bag vol. 15

Well, it feels like a just went through an ordeal but I re-listened to these six EPs and now you're gonna hear what I thought. I guess that's what it is always like though.

To be had here:

Hooking Up - Groin Pains (2012)

All the way from bustling Harrisonburg, Virgina comes Hooking Up. Rock and roll with some real 90s vibe, but not that grunge bullshit. There's shouts, chants, and guitar riffs. Amazingly catchy, I probably gave Groin Pains three listens before I realized it. This release can also be gotten through Evil Weevil Records, the same label that's got Spook Houses and LVL Up.

Snow Ghost - Mini Album #1 (2012)

This is the Chicago act that used to go by Forestcousin. Back with four fine electronically-tinged rock songs. They're upbeat, exciting numbers (especially liked "Poor Sport") that show how the band has only gotten better since they last sent me music. Too bad I gave up my car and can't afford a ticket to Chicago.

Jayson Munro - Meteor Tears (2012)

Another New Haven musician, guess the word is out about the blog over there. Regardless of geography, this character seems to be a prolific musician that's involved in several bands and here's his solo post-rock project. I'll be the first to admit it, he fucking knows what he's up to. Epic shit right here.

Mild Horses - From the Woods (2012)

Some ambient, space rock-like instrumental music. What really caught my eye was in the press release the artist is quoted that he "wanted to do Ennio Morricone in space." As a fan of the spagetti western and a huge admirer of Morricone I went in with high hopes. Wasn't upset with what I heard, some solid atmospheric, soundtrackesque compositions.

Psychic Feline - Blood Dolphin, Headache b/w Vampires 7" EP (2011)

Sent in among other recommendation by a devoted fan of the Portland, OR scene, Psychic Feline is a three-piece garage rock band. Definitely influenced heavily by 60s psychedelic rock, these cats (puns!) put together a neat package of tunes. Not free but worth checking out anyhow.

The Stammer - The Stammer EP (2012)

Based in Philadelphia, the Stammer is an indie rock band with post-punk influences. They easy to enjoy and the singing in particular I found charming. Not a free release, but a small sum of $3 for this one, or just stream it.

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