Monday, March 12, 2012

The Inclined Plane - The Backwards Frontier (2012)

Exciting news, pilgrims. New album out by those Connecticut dwellers, the Inclined Plane. My pal Johnny, who's a member of this outfit, kindly sent me this album a few days ago and I gave it several listens over the weekend. It is a wonderful collection of lo-fi indie pop songs. These guys have mastered the lightly hazy, psych-pop I so commonly associate with Elephant 6 bands but are much more than a reconstituted version of E6 themes. Tracks like "Marble Slab" and "New Wave Prison Break" are instantly enthralling with their distorted guitars and charming vocals. Compared to their previous album, I Am Pants, the songwriting feels more considered and elaborately paced. Well, I greatly enjoyed I Am Pants this is like more evolved version of that style. I am sure that the album being mastered by Todd Tobias of Guided by Voices aided in that. To sum it up, The Backwards Frontier is a great sign this band is just getting better and better.

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