Wednesday, March 28, 2012

High In One Eye - Memory Hoarders (2012)

A freshly released album from the New Orleans rockers High In One Eye. Like the EP of theirs I've put on a grab bag back whenever, this is some heavily effected rock. Borrowing from math rock, punk and shoegaze styles Memory Hoarders sounds like a busy bunch of noisy rock. It's got the sorta of intensity that just fills the ears right up. For reasons unknown this is exactly the sort of thing I enjoy while I am shaking off last night's outings, and I'm happy to have gotten this before other day at my brother's place. Regardless of my odd habits, it is a solid album and good for fans of math, noise, or strange punk. Finally, I know I've been getting a ton of submitted albums, but I'm adjusting to a new routine as I've got a job at a used bookstore recently so it'll take a minute to get back to regular posting. Can't listen to music all day like the old job or while I was unemployed.

To be had here:
High In One Eye - Memory Hoarders

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