Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spiral - The Traveler (2012) & The Capital in Ruins (2011)

An interesting project from Albuquerque, wherein these fellas are aiming to make a story in three parts via space rock/prog rock albums. So far the first two parts are completed and downloadable, both filled with epically long tracks that are as much a poetic story as psychedelic rock. Almost seems like the sort of thing one might stumble across as a rare recording by a 1970s German progressive rock collective, but even better as the lyrics can be read on their bandcamp page. They provide an overview of the story on the page for The Capital in Ruins. However, even if you're now down for story time, it is the music is worth hearing if you're a fan of haunting psych/prog rock or have a thing for long-ass tracks. Certainly gotta give them credit for being so ambitious.

To be had here:

The Traveler

The Capital in Ruins

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