Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Abschaum - Discomfort (2012)

Another album by the prolific French electronic and rock musician known as Abschuam. I've been wondering when he'd send me along a new release after he sent me the snyth-filled Teenage Apocalypse last year. Then it I dropped the ball about throwing it up in a timely manner, but better late than never I suppose. Should've been more on top of this shit because this album is pretty fucking sweet. However, unlike Teenage Apocalypse this isn't a snyth-pop album. Rather it's rock filled with a good deal of bass, pounding drumbeats and guitar riffs. The deep vocals remain though, giving the whole thing a mildly gothic tone. Moreover, there are still some keys showing up in a less pronounced way, but largely it is a successful shift of genre showing the versatility of the artist. Also, since I think it was through this character that I was contacted by a new French webzine/DIY organization called Amour & Discipline it makes it a good place to mention it. They've got a whole neat manifesto outlining the goals of the group which I'm very down with, basically to change the way we support musicians. Check out the webzine too, I might be writing on it sometime.

To be had here:
Abschaum - Discomfort

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