Thursday, March 29, 2012

Coyotes in the Room - Undress (2012)

Third time I'm posting up these guys, and already the second time this year. Rather prolific bunch, I'd say. Hardly a fault if the music doesn't suffer as Undress can exemplify. They're doing their thing again on this release, namely the switching between loud, noisy tracks and lo-fi, folksy numbers. Whoever arranges the songs has got a real ability to pace an album, haven't been disappointed yet. In addition, two covers appear bookending the album. One is "Baby I'm Burnin'" and the other's "Cryin' Smoke" by Ganglians, with both being excellent choices. I guess I'll the more I've to say is sorry for the hold up on posting it. Blame Nolan Strong, he's absorbed much of my transit time lately.

To be had here:
Coyotes in the Room - Undress

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