Monday, March 26, 2012

Dive Signals - 10,000 Tropics (2012)

From Orange County, California comes some of the mellowest of music I've had the pleasure to hear in months. I mean real relaxed experimental ambient sort of humming drone with subtle effects spread about. The kind of sounds that'll form a background to your thoughts, or if you really let go they might even replace the thoughts temporarily. I've always found this sort of music a wonderful accompaniment to a morning with coffee and history books, but I may very well be a small minority in that sense. However, if you like real chill music give 10,000 Tropics a go.

To be had here:
Dive Signals - 10,000 Tropics


  1. Good blog! thanks to post all this good music!!

    Here i post you a link of a band from Barcelona. It seems it was filmed in Monegros Desert.

    Hope you like it!