Thursday, March 8, 2012

Big Joe Williams - Piney Wood Blues (1958)

I am watching my grandfather's house for a week and I'll say that being so used to not having the internet at home has made it so that now that I've got it unrestricted I hardly can figure what to do with it. So naturally I just started hunting down music day and night and while this started with erratic selections it's come to focus purely on the blues. Big Joe Williams has been my main fascination. An original Mississippi Delta bluesman this album was recorded in 1958, Williams in his mid-fifties by then, when labels were "rediscovering" the careers of blues musicians. Other than his remarkable voice, perfect for moaning out the blues, Big Joe was notable for his use of a nine string guitar. Really a six string guitar, with some of the cords doubled up, it does make a unique sound nonetheless. The tracks are largely Williams own, with some from Sleepy John Estes and one from each Sonny Boy Williamson and Charley Patton. Reminds me of the Honeyboy Edwards album I posted up, and it features a short interview in the middle just the same.

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  1. Hello from Heidelberg,

    the Real Deal is to get this classic album on Vinyl, preferably an early original Mono pressing on the Delmar(k) Label from the late fifties or early sixties, released ober 50 years ago with a deep red, and alternativly also with a green front cover picture.

    Here a link to some photos which I've just posted in a Germany Music Forum: