Monday, January 16, 2012

Treasure Hunt - Seatec Astronomy (2012)

This is the second Treasure Hunt album posted on Spacerockmountain. Another of the fresh releases to come out with the changing over to a new year. Seatac Astronomy has a far more mellow mood. I'd easily place this as chillwave/glo-fi material whereas the last album was far more experimental, noisy and frantic in style. Nature sounds (largely chirping of birds), squeaking instruments, and light choir-like vocals fading in and out of the background all add up for a hypnotic listening experience. Mostly I find I'm pleased with the music submitted, but this certain exceeded by expectations for the band. To listen to the changing and developing group of artists that've chosen to repeated send in their releases has proven to be the best part of the blog. Top notch, fellas.

To be had here:
Treasure Hunt - Seatec Astronomy

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